NetBSD participating in Google Summer of Code™ 2011

March 19, 2011 posted by S.P.Zeidler

NetBSD participates in Google Summer of Code 2011 for the 7th year running.

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(sandpoint) New NAS supported

March 19, 2011 posted by Blog Import

The D-Link DSM-G600 (Rev. B) is supported with all its devices. Note that the revision A is ARM-based and therefore not supported. [0 comments]


Rump: Distributed Kernel Services For NetBSD

March 15, 2011 posted by Antti Kantee

Rump is a componentization of the NetBSD kernel. It lends itself to multiple uses, such as running kernel code as services in userspace and for example makes the high-quality NetBSD kernel code base available for use in multiserver microkernel operating systems.

Running unmodified NetBSD kernel code in standalone userspace applications has been possible for years. Recently, it also became possible to use unmodified userland binaries as remote clients for these lightweight and modular kernel server instances. Things work straight out of the default NetBSD installation. For example, it is possible to run an unmodified web browser against a rump TCP/IP server and restart the TCP/IP server with minimal impact to the browser. Furthermore, it is possible to run a dedicated TCP/IP server for every networking application on the system. The combined flexibility of using proven kernel drivers in lightweight virtual servers is completely unique to NetBSD.

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NetBSD at the 17th LinuxTag in Berlin

March 14, 2011 posted by Marc Balmer

The 17th LinuxTag takes place from May 11th - 14th, 2011 in Berlin.

There will be a BSD booth and NetBSD will be present with merchandise. Visit us there to discuss NetBSD and have a good time.

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NetBSD now runs under Amazon EC2

March 13, 2011 posted by Jean-Yves Migeon

It is with great pleasure that we officially announce the release of the first NetBSD Amazon Images for the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (better known as Amazon EC2) for all currently available regions: US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Northern California), EU (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Singapore), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo).

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(sandpoint) Altboot enhancements

March 13, 2011 posted by Blog Import

Our bootloader got an interactive mode, may be loaded as an U-Boot Linux kernel image and can replace itself in memory. This allows altboot to run on even the most restricted firmwares. Support for more 824x-based NAS boards and a new network driver for ST1023/IP-1000A gigabit ethernet (as found in the DSM-G600). [0 comments]


New Security Advisories: NetBSD-SA2011-002 OpenSSL TLS race condition and NetBSD-SA2011-003 kernel memory exhaustion

March 08, 2011 posted by Tonnerre Lombard

Two new NetBSD Security Advisories have been published affecting OpenSSL and the kernel.

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Postfix 2.8.1 imported into NetBSD-current

March 02, 2011 posted by Matthias Scheler

Postfix 2.8.1 was imported into NetBSD-current today. The changes since Postfix 2.7.* are:
  • The postscreen daemon (a zombie blocker in front of Postfix) is now included with the stable release. postscreen now supports TLS and can log the rejected sender, recipient and helo information. See the POSTSCREEN_README file for recommended usage scenarios.
  • Support for DNS whitelisting (permit_rhswl_client), and for pattern matching to filter the responses from DNS white/blacklist servers (e.g., reject_rhsbl_client[1..10]).
  • Improved message tracking across SMTP-based content filters; the after-filter SMTP server can log the before-filter queue ID (the XCLIENT protocol was extended).
  • Support for 'footers' that are appended to SMTP server "reject" responses. See "smtpd_reject_footer" in the postconf(5) manpage.



February 24, 2011 posted by Marc Balmer

On the first weekend of february, FOSDEM, the biggest european open source developers gathering, was again held in Brussels, Belgium.

NetBSD was very well represented with a booth, together with the FreeBSD folks, an a talk covering the recent addition of the Lua programming language to the base system.

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HIL keyboard and mouse support

February 15, 2011 posted by Blog Import

HIL keyboard and mouse support for old PCXT based machines has been added. These are ported from OpenBSD as a part of hp300 wscons support. [0 comments]


pkgin 0.4.0

February 14, 2011 posted by Emile Heitor

After a year of PR's, feedbacks and various fixes, pkgin 0.4.0 is now available and its package, pkgtools/pkgin is up-to-date.

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362/382 framebuffer support

February 12, 2011 posted by Blog Import

Support for on-board framebuffers on 362 and 382 controllers has been added. Currently no hardware acceleration or colormap support. [0 comments]