BlizzardPPC SCSI driver

January 14, 2011 posted by Blog Import

Radoslaw Kujawa submitted a driver for the 53c710 based host adapter found on BlizzardPPC 603e+ boards. [0 comments]


RDB partitioning supported

December 31, 2010 posted by Blog Import

The ofwboot boot loader and the kernel understand the RDB partitioning format, which allows a Pegasos user to run NetBSD, MorphOS and AmigaOS from the same disk. [0 comments]


eMIPS port published on

December 20, 2010 posted by Blog Import

The original eMIPS source and binaries for NetBSD 4.0.1 offered for download from [0 comments]


nxr update

December 15, 2010 posted by Zafer Aydoğan

Dear Readers,

The NetBSD Cross Reference service has recently
been updated to use the latest version of OpenGrok from pkgsrc.

In addition to the main NetBSD-current sources, the
following development branches have now been indexed:


Have fun searching and grokking !

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Interview with a NetBSD developer: today, Amitai Schlair, aka schmonz@

December 08, 2010 posted by Guillaume Lasmayous

A few months after Thomas Klausner's interview, please welcome today Amitai, better known as schmonz@.
NetBSDfr: For those of our readers that don't know you, can you introduce
yourself briefly ?
I grew up in a suburb of Chicago. Both at school and at home, my childhood computing skewed Appleward. The exception was Texas Instruments graphing calculators. By the end of high school, I had a nearly complete set.

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New Security Advisories: NetBSD-SA2010-012 OpenSSL TLS race condition and NetBSD-SA2010-013 UDP6 Option Local DoS

November 29, 2010 posted by Tonnerre Lombard

Two new security advisories were published:

You can find more information about them on the Security and NetBSD page.



Postfix 2.7.2 imported into NetBSD-current

November 27, 2010 posted by Matthias Scheler

Postfix 2.7.2 was imported into NetBSD-current today. The changes since Postfix 2.7.1 are:
  • Postfix no longer automatically appends the system default CA (certificate authority) certificates, when it reads the CA certificates specified with {smtp, lmtp, smtpd}_tls_CAfile or with {smtp, lmtp, smtpd}_tls_CApath. This prevents third-party certificates from getting mail relay permission with the permit_tls_all_clientcerts feature. Unfortunately, this change may cause compatibility problems with configurations that rely on certificate verification for other purposes. To get the old behavior, specify "tls_append_default_CA = yes".
  • A prior fix for compatibility with Postfix < 2.3 was incomplete. When pipe-to-command delivery fails with a signal, mail is now correctly deferred, instead of being returned to sender.
  • Poor smtpd_proxy_filter TCP performance over loopback ( connections was fixed by adapting the output buffer size to the MTU.
  • The SMTP server no longer applies the reject_rhsbl_helo feature to non-domain forms such as network addresses. This would cause false positives with
  • The Postfix SMTP server failed to deliver a "421" response and hang up the connection after Milter error. Instead, the server delivered a "503 Access denied" response and left the connection open, due to some Postfix 1.1 workaround for RFC 2821.
  • The milter_header_checks parser failed to enable any of the actions that have no effect on message delivery (warn, replace, prepend, ignore, dunno, and ok).


BSD Day 2010 in Budapest

November 23, 2010 posted by Adam Hamsik

This year's BSD-Day has been held in Budapest, Hungary at Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Informatics on November 20, 2010.

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NetBSD 5.1

November 19, 2010 posted by Soren Jacobsen

NetBSD 5.1 is now available for download. NetBSD 5.1 is the first feature update of the NetBSD 5.0 release branch. It includes security and bug fixes, as well as improved hardware support and new features.

Some highlights include:

  • RAIDframe parity maps, which greatly improve parity rewrite times after unclean shutdown
  • X.Org updates
  • Support for many more network devices
  • Xen PAE dom0 support
  • Xen PCI pass-through support

For more details, please see the release notes at

Grab NetBSD 5.1 from your local mirror, or grab a torrent.

Have fun!



DCburn and DCserv helper images for NetBSD/dreamcast 5.1

November 19, 2010 posted by Blog Import

Two pre-built NetBSD/i386 disk images “DCburn” and “DCserv”, which will provide easy setup for NetBSD/dreamcast, are available. See announcement on port-dreamcast mailing list for more details. [0 comments]


The Lua Scripting Language

November 06, 2010 posted by Marc Balmer

About a week ago, I imported the Lua programming language, version 5.1.2, into NetBSD-current as a component of the base system.

Lua is a scripting language with a very small memory footprint that has been designed as an embedded (or hosted) language from the ground up. As such, it's integration into software written in e.g. C or C++ is straightforward. Lua is very fast, it is recognized as one of the fastest scripting languages. The language has a clear and simple syntax with some very powerful concepts; the libraries (called packages) that come with it are themselves reasonable small. Lua compiles programs to a bytecode which is executed by a very small virtual machine. Lua scripts can be precompiled to bytecode for faster load times (but not faster execution). The first versions of Lua date back in 1993, so the language is stable and mature.

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Google Summer of Code 2010 wrap-up report

October 13, 2010 posted by S.P.Zeidler

All six students this year completed their project requirements successfully and on time.

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