Google Summer of Code 2016 summary

January 14, 2017 posted by Thomas Klausner

The NetBSD Foundation took part in the 2016 Google Summer of Code.

Hrishikesh Goyal worked on the project "Implement Ext4fs support in ReadOnly mode". He tackled two features of an ext4fs implementation: extents and HTree DIR read/write support. His work was committed into the NetBSD source tree in multiple commits.

charles cui worked on adding tests for better "POSIX Test Suite Compliance". This involved porting the Open Posix benchmark suite to NetBSD. Many of the tests showed missing features, and Charles worked with his mentors to improve the results. See his summary for details.

Leonardo Taccari worked on "Split debug symbols for pkgsrc builds". He already blogged about this in much detail on this blog.

A big thank you to Google for sponsoring the students to work on NetBSD, the students for working on the projects, and the mentors that were helping them along! [0 comments]


NetBSD 7.1_RC1 available

January 09, 2017 posted by Soren Jacobsen

7.1_RC1 is out! Help us by testing it![Read More] [1 comment]


Summary of the ptrace(2) project

December 18, 2016 posted by Kamil Rytarowski

In short, we are already in a good state with the existing ptrace(2) interfaces, as most necessary functions in LLDB are representable by existing NetBSD specific interfaces. We can fully implement core LLDB functionality without further extensions in ptrace(2). During this project dozen of bugs were investigated & fixed and several hundreds of ATF tests added. The major addition is newly added support for hardware assisted watchpoints API for ptrace(2) on amd64 and preliminary code for i386 and XEN.[Read More] [6 comments]


NetBSD 7.0.2 released

October 27, 2016 posted by Soren Jacobsen

The NetBSD Project is pleased to announce NetBSD 7.0.2, the second security/bugfix update of the NetBSD 7.0 release branch. It represents a selected subset of fixes deemed important for security or stability reasons. If you are running an earlier release of NetBSD, we strongly suggest updating to 7.0.2.

For more details, please see the release notes.

Complete source and binaries for NetBSD are available for download at many sites around the world. A list of download sites providing FTP, AnonCVS, SUP, and other services may be found at



Funded contract: 2016-2017

October 12, 2016 posted by William J. Coldwell


The NetBSD Foundation has initiated a contract with Kamil Rytarowski
 to complete the following during it:

   1.  Add missing interfaces in ptrace(2), mostly sync it with
       the FreeBSD capabilities, add ATF tests, add documentation.

   2.  Develop process plugin in LLDB based on the FreeBSD code in
       LLDB and make it functional (start passing at least some tests).

   3.  Revamp the process plugin in LLDB for new remote debugging
       capabilities (in order to get it accepted and merged upstream),
       pass more tests.

   4.  LLDB x86 support, pass more of the standard LLDB tests
       and import LLDB to the NetBSD base. Add some ATF LLDB basic
       functionality tests to the tree. The original tests are
       unreliable and generate false positives.

   5.  Develop missing features needed for .NET (POSIX robust
       mutexes), add ATF tests.

   6.  Develop missing features for VirtualBox as host, including
       needing sigevent(2) on par with POSIX and SIGEV_KEVENT, and
       other real-time AIO related interfaces as needed.

   7.  Port Apple's Swift programming language. Enhance .NET port to
       validate new interface and correct more issues as needed.

   8.  Improve VirtualBox host support. Make it build first by disabling
       missing features of providing empty facades for them.

   9.  Implement CDROM, floppy, NIC support for NetBSD in VBox as host.

  10.  Make VirtualBox runnable at least with a restricted feature set, ship
        it in pkgsrc, and submit it upstream.

The NetBSD Foundation will continue to work diligently with the
community to fund projects furthering specific key and quality
improvements to the NetBSD projects.  We have a list of projects at as well as welcome other proposals
to move our flag forward to next releases!

Thank you to Kamil for committing to it and we all look forward to it!

The NetBSD Foundation is a non-profit organization and welcomes any
donations to help us continue to fund projects and services to the
open-source community.  Please consider visiting the following URL,
and chip in what you can:

			Submitted for The NetBSD Foundation,
				William J. Coldwell (billc@)
				President, Chairperson

20161012: edited to fix #10 to be the correct wording.


The 2016-2017 NetBSD Foundation Board of Directors

October 06, 2016 posted by William J. Coldwell

Please join us in welcoming the new Directors to the NetBSD Foundation Board:

Michael van Elst, Taylor R. Campbell, Thomas Klausner

We'd like to sincerely thank the departing board members for their service during their term:

Matthew Sporleder, SAITOH Masanobu, Christos Zoulas

Christos will be remaining as Secretary and Treasurer for the Foundation.

Your 2016-2017 Directors of the Foundation are:
Erik Berls
Taylor R. Campbell
William J. Coldwell
Michael van Elst
Thomas Klausner
Jeremy C. Reed
S. P. Zeidler

The current office holders of the Foundation are:
President: William J. Coldwell
Vice President: Jeremy C. Reed
Secretary: Christos Zoulas
Treasurer: Christos Zoulas

Thank you to all of the developers that nominated and voted, the NomCom, the Voting Administrator and Voting Validator.

Respectfully submitted for the Board of Directors,
William J. Coldwell



GSoC 2016 Reports: Split debug symbols for pkgsrc builds, part 2

September 14, 2016 posted by Leonardo Taccari

Google Summer of Code 2016 is now over. We have polished the code and documentation and submitted the final term evaluation on 23rd of August 2016. The mentors evaluated us in the following week.

If you are impatient (and this time impatience is definitely a virtue!) please take a look to all The NetBSD Foundation GSoC 2016 projects' code submissions!

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More disk(s) fun

July 07, 2016 posted by Martin Husemann

When I got my Sun T1000 machine, it came with a ~80 GB hard disk - good enough for a NetBSD installation, but a bit challenged when you want to use logical domains. Time to expand disk space, or maybe make it faster? But these 1U server machines do not offer a lot of room for extensions, and it is sometimes tricky to get hold of the official extension options nowadays.

So I had fun with disks and modern replacements again...

[Read More] [5 comments] and and fastly

July 05, 2016 posted by Matthew Sporleder

NetBSD is happy to announce a generous setup provided by Fastly to give us CDN services. We are live with for downloading iso files, binary packages, and anything else that you would find on

nycdn is using as an origin so you can use it to download build snapshots and other useful stuff you would otherwise find on nyftp. (NetBSD-daily for example)

We have already changed some default download links (downloads and pkgsrc) and some pkgsrc files, so you might already be using the cdn without knowing it.

You can also change your PKG_PATH from to

HTTPS also works, but not IPv6

If you are not familiar, a CDN is a globally distributed set of caching proxy servers which makes downloading files faster when they are hot in the cache.

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GSoC 2016 Reports: Split debug symbols for pkgsrc builds, part 1

June 22, 2016 posted by Leonardo Taccari

For the 10th time The NetBSD Foundation was selected for the GSoC 2016!

Now that we're near the first mid-term evaluation and have written the code during these weeks it's also the right time to start writing some reports regarding our projects in this series of blog posts.

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pkgsrc 50th release interviews - Ryo ONODERA

June 08, 2016 posted by Kamil Rytarowski

The pkgsrc team has prepared the 50th release of their package management system, with the 2016Q1 version. It's infrequent event, as the 100th release will be held after 50 quarters.

The NetBSD team has prepared series of interviews with the authors. The next one is with Ryo ONODERA, a Japanese developer maintaining large C++ packages.

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pkgsrc 50th release interviews - Jonathan Perkin

June 07, 2016 posted by Kamil Rytarowski

The pkgsrc team has prepared the 50th release of their package management system, with the 2016Q1 version. It's infrequent event, as the 100th release will be held after 50 quarters.

The NetBSD team has prepared series of interviews with the authors. The next one is with Jonathan Perkin, a developer in the Joyent team.

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