X-Surf IDE support added

November 19, 2012 posted by Blog Import

The xsurf(4) driver was extended to support IDE controller present on Individual Computers X-Surf cards. [0 comments]


A2000-style RTC driver rewritten

November 14, 2012 posted by Blog Import

The driver for A2000-style Real Time Clock modules (popular also on A1200 CPU cards) had bit-rotted so far as to be useless. It was rewritten as machine-independent msm6242b(4) driver, with amiga-specific frontend under old a2kbbc(4) name. [0 comments]


Hydra AmigaNet / ASDG LAN Rover driver rewritten

October 30, 2012 posted by Blog Import

The ed(4) driver, supporting Hydra AmigaNet and ASDG LAN Rover cards was rewritten by Frank Wille. The new incarnation solved compatibility problems of old ed(4) driver (especially with 68040 and 68060) [0 comments]


An X680x0 day again

October 20, 2012 posted by Blog Import

Three X68030s (including 060turbo) and X68000 PRO-II with Xellent30 running NetBSD/x68k were exhibited on NetBSD booth at Open Source Conference 2012 Hiroshima. See pictures on Togetter for details. [0 comments]


(x68k) Support for network boot and formatting floppy

October 14, 2012 posted by Blog Import

Network bootloader for Neptune-X and Nereid Ethernet is added, and formatting floppy is also added. See announcement on port-x68k list for details. [0 comments]


XM6i ver 0.38

September 15, 2012 posted by Blog Import

XM6i version 0.38 has been released. Added sound emulation, and NetBSD/amd64 6.0 binary. [0 comments]


G-REX PCI driver updated

July 11, 2012 posted by Blog Import

The G-REX bridge driver was updated and now supports all available PCI slots. Functionality of G-REX is now on a par with Mediator 1200 in the NetBSD. [0 comments]


Support for Mediator PCI 1200

June 07, 2012 posted by Blog Import

Support for ELBOX Mediator PCI 1200 has been added. The empb(4) driver is still in development, but already does support numerous PCI cards (like NE2000-compatible network cards, SATALink 3112 controllers and 3Dfx Voodoo 3). [0 comments]


Updated X-Surf driver

May 15, 2012 posted by Blog Import

The new, reworked xsurf(4) driver features support for two clockports present on X-Surf card (in addition to already supported NE2000 ethernet). [0 comments]


XM6i ver 0.35

May 01, 2012 posted by Blog Import

XM6i version 0.35 has been released. Added Mac OS X 10.7 support. [0 comments]


PSX16550 now uses MI com driver

April 29, 2012 posted by Blog Import

PSX16550 fast serial board driver has been switched to using MI com(4) driver. See announcement on port-x68k mailing list for details. [0 comments]


KuroBox/T4 and TS-TGL support

April 24, 2012 posted by Blog Import

The KuroBox/T4 and the TeraStation Pro TS-TGL with their special miconV2 power management controller are now supported. [0 comments]