End of Life for 4.x on November 17

October 27, 2012 posted by Jeff Rizzo

With the release of NetBSD 6.0, we bid a fond farewell to older releases, the NetBSD 4.x series. While we have many plans for active support of the most recent (6.x) and next most recent (5.x) release branches, 4.x is coming to the end of its supported life. As of November 17, one month after the 6.0 release, the following branches will no longer be maintained:
  • netbsd-4-0
  • netbsd-4
This means:
  • There will be no more pullups to the branches (even for security issues)
  • There will be no security advisories made for any of the 4.x releases
  • The existing 4.x releases on ftp.NetBSD.org will be moved into /pub/NetBSD-archive/

We are giving these remaining few weeks of support to give people time to migrate their machines to the newer release. We may choose to issue security advisories and/or release patches if a security issue should arise before November 17.

Here's hoping NetBSD 6 serves you as well as, or preferably better than, NetBSD 4 did!

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Hmm, users of i386/i486(SX) are now completely unsupported? “Of course it runs NetBSD” well, just as long as it's i586 or better (yeah, I know some i486 are still supported). At least Linux still support i486.

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