February 08, 2023 posted by Pierre Pronchery

FOSDEM took place last week-end, as an offline-first event again for the first time since 2020. It was located as usual at the university campus of the ULB in Brussels. It was packed with developers, users, passionate and professionals of Open Source software, and while NetBSD did not have a booth this year, its presence could be felt on Saturday morning at the BSD DevRoom thanks to the many developers who made it to the conference.

Together with Rodrigo Osorio of the FreeBSD project, I had the pleasure to help manage the DevRoom, have a front seat for the talks, and even start the session by introducing the BSD Driver Harmony initiative.

The staff and respective speakers are currently busy uploading slides and reviewing videos, so keep in mind to check again for new content in the coming few days and weeks if you missed anything or need to dig further into any event from this awesome conference!

Finally, I would like to thank the NetBSD Foundation for sponsoring me to manage the room and attend the GSoC meet-up.



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