NetBSD 7.0_RC2

July 28, 2015 posted by Soren Jacobsen

On behalf of the NetBSD project, it is my pleasure to announce the second release candidate of NetBSD 7.0.

Some of the changes since 7.0_RC1 are:

  • OpenSSL updated to 1.0.1p
  • BIND updated to 9.10.2-P2
  • IPSEC support is now included by default in Xen kernels
  • Fix several security issues in calendar(1)
  • installboot(8) now supports wedge names
  • Fix a quota panic when using WAPBL (PR 49948)
  • Fix a memory leak in the drm2 code
  • Avoid an X crash on i915 DRMKMS
  • Add a postinstall(8) check to ensure that /etc/man.conf reflects the modern mandoc world (PR 50020)
  • Add a postinstall(8) check to ensure that /etc/fonts/fonts.conf is up to date
  • tset(1): Fix handling of the erase character
  • gdb(1): Fix attaching to a running process again after previously detaching
  • NPF: handle unregistered interfaces correctly
  • npfctl(8): Fix a NULL dereference
  • zgrep(1): suppress the prefixing of filename on output when only one file is specified, to match grep(1)'s output
  • Fix lrint(x) and llrint(x) when x is larger than 2**51 (PR 49690)
  • Bump MAXTSIZ and MAXDSIZ on amiga, fixing gcc 4.8 execution
  • Fix MKCTF=yes on drm2 kernels
  • Make clock_t unsigned int everywhere, so it's the same on LP64 and IPL32 architectures
  • arm: if halt is requested and there is no console, keep looping instead of rebooting
  • sparc64: Fix booting of kernels with more than 4 MB combined .data and .bss segments
  • powerpc: Fix occasional FPU register corruption (PR 50037)
  • m68k: Fix atomic_cas_{8,16} and __sync_bool_compare_and_swap_{1,2,4} (PR 49995)

The full list of changes can be found near the bottom of

Binaries of NetBSD 7.0_RC2 are available for download at:

Those who prefer to build from source can either use the netbsd-7-0-RC2 tag or follow the netbsd-7 branch.

As always, please let us know how 7.0_RC2 works for you! Any feedback, whether good or bad, is welcome. Problems should be reported through the usual channels (submit a PR or write to the appropriate list). More general feedback is welcome at

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Can someone fix this problem with tlp interface on Hyper-V before final release?

Posted by BSDfan on August 04, 2015 at 12:35 PM UTC #

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