NetBSD 8.2 is available!

April 02, 2020 posted by Maya Rashish

The third release in the NetBSD-8 is now available.

This release includes all the security fixes in NetBSD-8 up until this point, and other fixes deemed important for stability.

Some highlights include:

  • x86: fixed regression in booting old CPUs
  • x86: Hyper-V Gen.2 VM framebuffer support
  • httpd(8): fixed various security issues
  • ixg(4): various fixes / improvements
  • x86 efiboot: add tftp support, fix issues on machines with many memory segments, improve graphics mode logic to work on more machines.
  • Various kernel memory info leaks fixes
  • Update expat to 2.2.8
  • Fix ryzen USB issues and support xHCI version 3.10.
  • Accept root device specification as NAME=label.
  • Add multiboot 2 support to x86 bootloaders.
  • Fix for CVE-2019-9506: 'Key Negotiation of Bluetooth' attack.
  • nouveau: limit the supported devices and fix firmware loading.
  • radeon: fix loading of the TAHITI VCE firmware.
  • named(8): stop using obsolete dnssec-lookaside.

You can download binaries of NetBSD 8.2 from our Fastly-provided CDN.

For more details refer to the CHANGES-8.2 file.

Please note that we are looking for donations again, see Fundraising 2020.



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YaY, as long as there is no systemD in the changelog I will gladly use it! Just one thing: 8.1_STABLE NetBSD 8.1_STABLE (RPI2) Please stop creating these _STABLE releases or subreleases there should be only one 8.1 and that should be the stable if you want some testing branch call it something else.

Posted by Elena on April 02, 2020 at 10:19 PM UTC #

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