NetBSD developer summit at EuroBSDCon 2014 in Sofia

September 30, 2014 posted by Martin Husemann

There was a nice, friendly and informal summit of NetBSD developers (and interested users) in Sofia on Friday, September 26, 2014.

Bernd Ernesti (veego@) took this photo:

In the back row from left to right:
Masao Uebayashi (uebayasi), Thomas Klausner (wiz), Yann Sionneau, Marc Balmer (mbalmer), Justin Cormack (justin), Jaap Boender (jaapb), Adrian Steinmann (ast), Martin Husemann (martin), Taylor R Campbell (riastradh), Michael van Elst (mlelstv), [anonymous], Alexander Nasonov (alnsn).
In the front row, from left to right:
Julian Coleman (jdc), Joerg Sonnenberger (joerg), Valeriy E. Ushakov (uwe), Christoph Badura (bad), S.P.Zeidler (spz), Pierre Pronchery (khorben), Stephen Borrill (sborrill)

Some Developers made it to the conference only after the summit, so Emmanuel Dreyfus (manu), Luke Mewburn (lukem) and Lourival Neto (lneto) are unfortunately missing on that picture.

Marc Balmer presented some slides prepared by Masanobu SAITOH about ongoing work at IIJ.

Marc also proposed some extensions to the in-tree httpd (aka bozohttpd) to allow creation of simple dynamic content via "Lua templates". The question whether it would be possible to serve by bozohttpd was discussed, and only administrative reasons seem to prevent it - which was overall considered "good enough".

Pierre Pronchery presented his work on EdgeBSD - and why he does not consider it a fork, but more a playground for experimentation. He also reported on some of his experiences with using git on the NetBSD source tree.

Two more slightly TNF internal issues were discussed, and after that the whole crowd moved to dinner (including a bit of Bulgarian wine).

Having an in-person meeting of a relative huge number of NetBSD developers was considered very useful and we will try to repeat it at other occasions. Next time, if similar attendance is likely, we will plan for more time (like a full day) and also create a schedule of talks/presentations up front, still with the option to add ad-hoc ones.

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If people are really serious about Lua + bozohttpd, then I should get more serious about Cadet. It's so cool to see so many NetBSD folks in the same room!

Posted by Christian Koch on October 01, 2014 at 12:13 AM UTC #

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