NetBSD developer summit in Cambridge/UK

September 27, 2009 posted by Matthias Scheler

On Friday, the 18th of September, a group of NetBSD developers from all over the world met during a developer summit at the Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge/UK. It provided a great opportunity for developers to meet each other in person, to share ideas and to talk about ongoing and future projects.
The summit was organised by Stephen Borrill and sponsored by Precedence Technologies, a Cambridge based company selling NetBSD based products.

Based on a presentation by Alistair Crooks the roadmap for NetBSD 6.0 was discussed. Here are some of the highlights that are planned for NetBSD 6.0:

  • System:
    • kernel modules
    • POSIX shared memory
    • processor & cache aware scheduler
  • Networking:
    • Mobile IPv6
    • SCTP
    • netboot from HTTP
  • Storage:
    • LVM
    • ZFS
    • iSCSI initiator
    • devfs
  • Virtualisation:
    • Xen domU migration, suspend & resume
    • Xen ballon driver
    • Gaols via kauth (similar to FreeBSD jails)
    • iSCSI booting
  • Security:
    • RBAC kernel
    • netpgp
    The current plan is to branch NetBSD 6.0 in March 2010 and release it in summer 2010.

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    So, how is 6.0 coming along? Haven't seen or heard of any progress on it since this post.

    Posted by dudeintheatlantic on October 29, 2010 at 06:22 PM UTC #

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