openresolv imported into NetBSD

November 21, 2009 posted by Roy Marples

openresolv has been imported into NetBSD, which allows more than one daemon to update /etc/resolv.conf sanely and configure local nameservers for enhanced DNS, especially if running on a VPN. dhcpcd already uses resolvconf when available and dhclient in NetBSD has been patched to use it.

This is important for NetBSD, as many packages support resolvconf, but only when /sbin/resolvconf exists. This meant that a lot of packages that supported resolvconf, failed to work with any resolvconf implementation from pkgsrc.

PPP users who maintain their own scripts are encouraged to try it out :)

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Congratulations! Good to know.

Posted by Lukasz on November 21, 2009 at 02:36 PM UTC #

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