Plan and funding of SMP Networking projects

November 25, 2011 posted by Julio Merino

On September 13th, 2011, the Board of Directors posted a news item requesting project specifications to get rid of the big kernel lock surrounding the networking code. Unfortunately, nobody has taken advantage of the offer and, therefore, the Board has not received any applications to this date.

In order to lower the entry barrier, the Board has prepared a set of smaller project proposals that, in aggregate, help in achieving the goal of making the networking stack suitable for SMP systems. Please note that these projects cover a very wide range of topics: there are projects whose only purpose is to add new data structures to the kernel, while others involve refactoring parts of the existing code to make adding locking easier.

The list of projects for funding and the tentative plan can be found in the new SMP Networking project page.

All of the individual projects that can help in achieving the goal of SMP Networking are suitable for funding. If you are interested in applying for any of them, please contact board@ and core@ directly. The project application how-to may be of help.

Thank you.

Julio Merino,
On behalf of the Board of Directors



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