Google Summer of Code: PostScript output for mandoc

August 11, 2010 posted by Thomas Klausner

Kristaps Dzonsons has completed what he set out to to do in his Google Summer of Code project: Add support for PostScript output to mandoc.

mandoc, for those who don't know it yet, is a much faster replacement for groff written in C. It provides support for the mdoc and man macro sets (i.e. all formats used by man pages in NetBSD) and converts them to formatted ASCII (for output on a terminal), HTML and XHTML.

The aim of his project for the Google Summer of Code was to add PostScript output. Kristaps finished this aim in the first half of the allotted time, so he also tackled PDF support.

A version of mandoc with support for both PostScript and PDF output has already been imported into NetBSD-current.

In the future, Kristaps wants to improve the output (it is not yet optimized for size).

You can read his success email here.

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Will mandoc eventually replace troff/groff and others in the manpage rendering process?

Posted by ggergely on August 28, 2010 at 09:01 AM UTC #

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