NetBSD 6.1 Release Candidate 4

May 02, 2013 posted by Jeff Rizzo

The fourth release candidate of NetBSD 6.1 is now available for download at: It is expected that this will be the final release candidate, with the official release following very soon.

(Please note that while the third release candidate (RC3) was tagged and built, it was never officially released)

NetBSD 6.1 will be the first feature update for the NetBSD 6 branch. There are many new drivers, some new features, and many bug fixes! Fixes since RC2 include:

  • Updated the fix for SA-2013-003 (RNG bug may result in weak cryptographic keys)
  • Fixes to npfctl(8) parsing and error handling
  • Fix sendto(2) issue with IPv6 UDP datagrams. PR#47408.
  • Raspberry Pi: fix handling of large packets in USB host controller
  • Fixed an RPC memory corruption issue. PR#13082
  • Fixed ACPI issues affecting some AMD systems. PR#47016, PR#47648.
  • Change vax MAXPARTITION from 16 to 12, addressing boot issues on some systems
  • Bump libpthread minor version to for the addition of pthread_cond_setclock() earlier in the 6.1 release cycle; note that this is *NOT* the same as in NetBSD-current. ( in NetBSD-current is already at version 1.2)
  • Provide libc stubs to libpthread, allowing libpthread to be dlopen()ed.
  • Fix a userland-triggered panic on x68k systems.

A complete list of changes can be found at:

Please help us test this and any upcoming release candidates as much as possible. Remember, any feedback is good feedback. We'd love to hear from you, whether you've got a complaint or a compliment.

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Thanks a lot for your effort, i love NetBSD, i will test the release candidate.

Posted by Edgar Rodolfo on May 02, 2013 at 09:26 PM UTC #

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