Changed charter to focus on NAS products

June 20, 2010 posted by Blog Import

The primary hardware platform is now consumer NAS systems, running on Freescale MPC8241 and MPC8245 CPUs. Initially the KuroBox/Linkstation and the Synology product family is known to work. QNAP TS and Iomega StorCenter support is prepared, but untested. Read also the official announcement on port-sandpoint. [0 comments]


first boot into multiuser (amigappc)

February 02, 2010 posted by Blog Import

For the first time an A3000 with Cyberstorm/PPC booted the current powerpc userland from a hard disk connected to the A3000 internal SCSI into multi user mode. [0 comments]


(shark) Accelerated X support

November 26, 2009 posted by Blog Import

As announced by Michael Lorenz on the NetBSD blog, the shark port recently grew better support for X. Among other things, this means it is now possible to generate an X config file by running X -configure. For full details, see Michael's blog entry. [0 comments]


Quick procedure to run NetBSD/sun2 5.0.1 on TME

November 14, 2009 posted by Blog Import

A pre-built disk image of NetBSD/sun2 5.0.1 release for TME is available for easy trial of NetBSD/sun2 on the machine emulator using pre-compiled tme binaries on modern machines. See annoucement message for details. [0 comments]


Xen3 PCI pass-through

March 05, 2009 posted by Blog Import

PCI pass-through support has been added for both domain0 and domU. domain0 kernel gets a pciback PCI drivers, to which device specified in the pciback.hide boot parameter will attach. DomU kernels gets a xpci device, to which pci busses will attach. More details in the NetBSD/xen Howto. [0 comments]


i386 PAE domain0 support

March 05, 2009 posted by Blog Import

Missing pieces for a domain0 kernel supporting the i386 PAE extensions has been added to current. A new kernel XEN3PAE_DOM0 should show up in the next HEAD autobuild. This kernel can be used with a i386 PAE or x86_64 hypervisor. The sysutils/xenkernel3 and sysutils/xenkernel33 packages for i386 both provide i386 PAE hypervisor kernels. [0 comments]


IP6 and IP10 support in-tree

February 12, 2009 posted by Blog Import

Support for Personal IRIS 4D20 (IP6) and 4D/25 (IP10) has been added to -current. [0 comments]


IBM 7044-270 Support added

January 17, 2008 posted by Blog Import

NetBSD/ofppc has been ported to the IBM 7044-270 (POWER3-II cpu). The machine has a 64bit POWER3-II CPU, which is what the modern POWER4 and POWER5 chips were based on. Currently, NetBSD only runs on this machine in 32bit mode. See the complete details in the official announcement. [0 comments]


New ofppc portmaster

January 09, 2008 posted by Blog Import

Tim Rightnour has taken over the role of portmaster for NetBSD/ofppc. More details are available in the official announcement. [0 comments]


Initial import of NetBSD/rs6000

December 17, 2007 posted by Blog Import

NetBSD/rs6000, a new powerpc port for the early MCA-based IBM RS/6000 workstations, has been imported. More details (including kernel dmesg) are available in Tim Rightnour's annoucement. [0 comments]


NetBSD/xen Howto updated

December 15, 2007 posted by Blog Import

The NetBSD/xen Howto has been updated with some details about Xen on amd64. [0 comments]


NetBSD runs on Xen/amd64

December 14, 2007 posted by Blog Import

NetBSD current now includes amd64 kernels that will run on top of the x86_64 Xen hypervisor. NetBSD/amd64 can run as both domain 0 and domU, and supports the same features as i386 (including HVM support if the hardware supports it), and in addition can run 32bit guests which uses the PAE extensions. [0 comments]