GSoC 2018 Reports: Configuration files versioning in pkgsrc, Part 1

July 20, 2018 posted by Leonardo Taccari

Starting with this post I will describe how, as part of the Google Summer of Code 2018, support for configuration files versioning is shaping up in pkgsrc.

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Report from pkgsrcCon 2018

July 14, 2018 posted by Leonardo Taccari

On July 7th and 8th there was pkgsrcCon 2018 in Berlin, Germany. It was my first pkgsrcCon and it was really really nice... So, let's share a report about it, what we have done, the talk presented and everything else!

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GSoC 2017 Reports: Add SUBPACKAGES support to pkgsrc, part 1

August 31, 2017 posted by Leonardo Taccari

In this blog post series I will discuss about SUBPACKAGES work done during Google Summer of Code 2017.

In this first part I'll briefly introduce what are SUBPACKAGES, why and when can be useful and finally we'll give a quick look to a trivial pkgsrc package that uses them. At the end we'll also dive a bit on parts of the pkgsrc infrastructure that needed to be adjusted for implementing that.

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GSoC 2016 Reports: Split debug symbols for pkgsrc builds, part 2

September 14, 2016 posted by Leonardo Taccari

Google Summer of Code 2016 is now over. We have polished the code and documentation and submitted the final term evaluation on 23rd of August 2016. The mentors evaluated us in the following week.

If you are impatient (and this time impatience is definitely a virtue!) please take a look to all The NetBSD Foundation GSoC 2016 projects' code submissions!

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GSoC 2016 Reports: Split debug symbols for pkgsrc builds, part 1

June 22, 2016 posted by Leonardo Taccari

For the 10th time The NetBSD Foundation was selected for the GSoC 2016!

Now that we're near the first mid-term evaluation and have written the code during these weeks it's also the right time to start writing some reports regarding our projects in this series of blog posts.

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pkgsrc 50th release interviews - Joerg Sonnenberger

May 31, 2016 posted by Kamil Rytarowski

The pkgsrc team has prepared the 50th release of their package management system, with the 2016Q1 version. It's infrequent event, as the 100th release will be held after 50 quarters.

The NetBSD team has prepared series of interviews with the authors. We started with Joerg Sonnenberger, a developer well known for his LLVM on NetBSD contribution.

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pkgsrc-2016Q1 - the Fiftieth pkgsrc Release

May 09, 2016 posted by Alistair Crooks

A perspective, looking back 19 years over pkgsrc, to celebrate the 50th quarterly pkgsrc release.[Read More] [0 comments]


pkgsrc-wip migrating to, git

August 31, 2015 posted by Thomas Klausner

If everything goes as planned, the pkgsrc-wip CVS repository will be converted to git and hosted on by end of September.

In July we cleaned up the repository so it can be converted easily; since then we've been working on the infrastructure and details of the conversion. The main tasks are now finished. We have set up a server for it which hosts a preliminary git conversion (on of the CVS repository, created a mailing list for the commit messages, pkgsrc-wip-changes, and prepared a list of authors for the conversion.

We've also provided a conversion of pkgsrc-wip based on data from July so that it can be tested on (nearly) live data. If you are interested in beta-testing the setup, send a suggestion for a username and an SSH public key to me. Details on how to test are on the NetBSD wiki but will probably change some more over time.

We still need help for the conversion: if you are or were a wip contributor, please let me know by September 15 what name and email to use for the conversion from CVS to git. This conversion will not be done again, so after that date, the commit data will be final. [0 comments]


pkgsrc for Illumos

April 18, 2011 posted by Emile Heitor

The Illumos project is "a community maintained derivative of the OpenSolaris ON source, including open source replacements for closed bits, and additional changes" (from A couple of month ago, the Illumos community launched "The Illumos pkgsrc project", thus communicating for the first time on pkgsrc being officially supported by a SunOS derivative.

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pkgin 0.4.0

February 14, 2011 posted by Emile Heitor

After a year of PR's, feedbacks and various fixes, pkgin 0.4.0 is now available and its package, pkgtools/pkgin is up-to-date.

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pkgsrcCon 2010 - More Than pkgsrc

June 15, 2010 posted by Marc Balmer

pkgsrcCon 2010, the technical conference for people working on pkgsrc, took place may 28 - 30 at the Departement Informatik, University of Basel, Switzerland. Packed with interesting talks and in-depth discussions about the matter, the confence was a great success.

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The pkgsrc-2010Q1 Release

April 20, 2010 posted by Matthias Scheler

The pkgsrc developers are happy to announce the new pkgsrc-2010Q1 release, which has support for even more packages than previous releases. Some major packages have also been updated in this release.

At the same time, the pkgsrc-2009Q4 release has been deprecated, and continuing engineering starts on the pkgsrc-2010Q1 release.

Some highlights of the new pkgsrc-2010Q1 release are:

  • we have almost finished the transition to DESTDIR installation, where a staging directory is used to make a binary package, which is then managed by the pkg_install tools
  • gnome has been updated to version 2.28.1, kde to 4.3.5
  • we have started changing packages to default to KDE4 instead of KDE3. For now, the old packages are still available as *-kde3 e.g. amarok is the KDE4 package, and amarok-kde3 is the KDE3 one.
  • the default python package is now python26
  • squid 3.1.1 is now in pkgsrc, with some support for IPv6
  • php 5.3.x has been added
  • The conversion from the last teTeX distribution to texlive (currently 2009) is still in progress.
  • many, many packages have been updated to newer versions, to take advantage of fixes and improved functionality. The following versions of packages are included in the
    pkgsrc-2010Q1 release:
    • apache-2.2.15
    • bzr-2.0.3
    • firefox-3.6.3
    • git- (the package is known as scmgit in pkgsrc)
    • gnome-2.28.1
    • kde-4.3.5
    • mercurial-1.5.1
    • mysql-5.1.44nb2
    • openoffice-3.1.1 and openoffice-bin-3.2.0
    • perl-5.10.1
    • postgresql-8.3.9nb2 and postgresql-8.4.2
    • python-2.5.4nb5 and python-2.6.4nb4
    • ruby-
    • samba-3.3.12
    • seamonkey-2.0.4
    • subversion-1.6.9nb1
    • wireshark-1.2.7
    • zope-3.3.1
  • other notable changes include
    • we bid a fond thanks, and farewell, to some old favourites, such as php4 and related packages, the old vmware modules packages, sun's jdk and jre versions 1.4 and 1.5, the ISC dhcp 3.x packages, galeon, swing, typolight-2.6 and tcl-8.3
    • the addition of some interesting, pertinent, and shiny packages such as tn3270 (:-) - brought over from NetBSD's src archive), mingw, colordiff, easygit, monotone-el, swt, fuse-bindfs, php-5.3, samba-3.3, xymon, musca, and qt4-mng
    • notable updates to packages such as bsd and gnu tar, amarok, lame, mpg123, mysql, openldap, postgresql, sqlite, boehm-gc, boost, doxygen, fossil, glib, libev, libffi, memcached, nspr, nss, pango, pcre, rt3, readline, swig, xulrunner, vim, qemu, chicken, mono, parrot, openjdk7, python, php5, squeak, clamav, dovecot, fetchmail, getmail, gmime, linmilter, mew, sendmail, spamassassin, squirrelmail, thunderbird, octave, pari, calibre, dhcpcd, gupnp, nmap, rdist6, rsync, rtorrent, tnftpd, tor, transmission, unbound, aide, netpgp, openssl, bash, osh, tcsh, bacula, cdrtools, memtester, grub, pstree, rasqal, openbox, firefox, ikiwiki, lighttpd, mediawiki, nginx, squid, seamonkey, typolight, gtk2, xsnow
  • the Package of the Quarter award is hereby awarded to qemu, nominated by Joerg Sonnenberger, and samba33, nominated by Matthias Scheler.
The list of platforms supported by pkgsrc is AIX, BSD/OS, Darwin (Mac OS X), DragonFly BSD, FreeBSD, HP/UX, IRIX, Interix, Linux, NetBSD, OSF1, OpenBSD, QNX and SunOS (Solaris). Haiku support is almost ready to be added to pkgsrc. We are aware that support for some platforms is at a more mature stage than others, and would like to encourage feedback from users and developers on our more esoteric platforms.
  • continuing engineering on the "stable" releases of pkgsrc continues to work well, and our release engineering team has done a marvelous job in pulling up changes to the stable release. Our thanks go to Matthias Scheler, Lubomir Sedlacik, Tyler Retzlaff, and S.P.Zeidler for all the hard work they do in sanity checking pullup requests, and managing the stable releases in pkgsrc.
  • constant bulk building on a number of platforms has improved our ability to identify potential areas of concern, and to correct them sooner. It has also improved our ability to make binary packages available, and we are working on ways to improve this further. For more information, please refer to the pkgsrc-bulk mailing list, archives available at
  • the number of packages has grown from 9100 to 9315; the number of supported platforms is currently 14. NetBSD, on all its supported architectures, is considered to be one pkgsrc platform.

As always, we'd like to encourage users of the packages collection to audit for security problems at least every day using pkg_admin audit - this will provide notification of any packages which are vulnerable to exploit. pkg_admin is part of the pkg_install tools.

The pkgsrc-security team do a marvelous job in tracking notifications of vulnerabilities in packages, and disseminating this information, and our sincere thanks go to them for this essential work.

We'd also really appreciate it if people would install the pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkgsurvey package, and then run the pkgsurvey script for us. This will forward us a list of the packages installed on that machine, and the operating system and release level of the operating system. The results will be kept confidential, but the output will help us analyse the packages that are most used.

The source tar files for the new release can be found at:

You can also use the pkgsrc-2010Q1 tag to check it out yourself from or any of the mirrors.

Alistair Crooks
On behalf of the pkgsrc developers