64-bit ARM boards received from Rikomagic

September 30, 2015 posted by Martin Husemann

Recently my RKM MK68 machine arrived - a few NetBSD developers have got an engineering sample, kindly provided by Rikomagic, arranged by even more kind cooperation by Christophe Prévotaux from the Bitrig Project.

It is a nice, small 8 core 64 bit arm machine:

Rikomagic provided some documentation, and they have been nice and responsive to our questions for more, so full support for this nice piece of hardware should be a matter of time only.

It will require merging some changes for aarch64 that Matt Thomas already made, which also include a switch of mips to the generic pmap implementation - and unfortunately do not yet work on some mips variants.

I plan to use my machine, once it runs NetBSD, to do regular test runs (of course). But there are a lot of other things to do first, starting with soldering the serial console.

However, I am about to leave for EuroBSDCon 2015, so this will have to wait until next week.

P.S.: I am also still hoping for a 64bit tegra k1 based Chromebook (with free enough boot loader to run NetBSD). I need to replace my aging (huge and heavy) amd64 notebook finally!



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