End of life for NetBSD 6.x

August 23, 2018 posted by Soren Jacobsen

In keeping with NetBSD's policy of supporting only the latest (8.x) and next most recent (7.x) major branches, the recent release of NetBSD 8.0 marks the end of life for NetBSD 6.x. As in the past, a month of overlapping support has been provided in order to ease the migration to newer releases.

As of now, the following branches are no longer maintained:

  • netbsd-6-1
  • netbsd-6-0
  • netbsd-6

This means:

  • There will be no more pullups to those branches (even for security issues)
  • There will be no security advisories made for any those branches
  • The existing 6.x releases on ftp.NetBSD.org will be moved into /pub/NetBSD-archive/

May NetBSD 8.0 serve you well! (And if it doesn't, please submit a PR!)



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