First ports switched to gcc 4.8

March 06, 2014 posted by Martin Husemann

After several months of preparation, the first ports (hppa, sparc and sparc64) have switched their compiler to gcc version 4.8 today. Amd64 and i386 should follow soon.

Work is ongoing to bring this modern toolchain to all other ports too (most of them already work, but some more testing will be done). If you want to try it, just add -V HAVE_GCC=48 to the invocation.

Note that in parallel clang is available as an alternative option for a few architectures already (i386, amd64, arm, and sparc64), but needs more testing and debugging at least on some of them (e.g. the sparc64 kernel does not boot).

For a project with diverse hardware support like NetBSD, all toolchain updates are a big pain - so a big THANK YOU! to everyone involved; in no particular order Christos Zoulas, matthew green, Nick Hudson, Tohru Nishimura, Frank Wille (and myself).

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Exist special reasons why not switch to llvm/clang in NetBSD 7? I love the better diagnostic functions like dead code detection ;)

Posted by bstea on March 10, 2014 at 10:02 AM UTC #

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