German Perlworkshop and a NetBSD related presentation

March 06, 2009 posted by Ulrich Habel

I attended the German Perlworkshop from 25th February to 27th February in Frankfurt. The German Perlworkshop follows the tradition of the YAPC conferences. It's listed on their webpage, however the name has been changed to represent the German localisation.

I gave two presentations about the different usage of Perl, one was related to the NetBSD project. I maintain quite a lot of Perl packages inside the pkgsrc repository and run our Perl package update list, too. As I encounter frequent problems with our Perl modules, like missing ChangeLogs, incorrect version numbering for pkgsrc, broken dependencies, etc I decided to give a talk about these problems. It's called "Maintaining the be*st" and it deals with some of the different aspects in maintaining Perl packages for pkgsrc. I translated the slides to English, so all the English readers of this blog are able to read them. The audio recording was done during the presentation, however, it is in German.



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