Google Summer of Code: PXE Bulk Install Update

June 23, 2009 posted by Max Winderbaum

My work thusfar has consisted of updating the system to work on NetBSD 5.0 i386. I've updated the scripts given to me by my mentor, Phil Nelson of Western Washington University, and made the system's documentation more extensive as well as clarified some ambiguous parts. I've committed a "skeleton" for the system to the NetBSD Summer of Code repositories which at this time must be filled in by the user with packages and configuration files by hand as per the documentation.

The next step in my work is to make an interactive program to automatically fill in the skeleton system based on a question and answer style format. I will use the BSD curses library to create a type of simplistic, intuitive GUI for this process.

I will then expand the project to include support for the x64, spark, and shark architectures, and hopefully towards the end of the summer I will have support for automatically upgrading to the latest versions of installation packages as per a system administrator's request.

For more information regarding this project please visit the project's page here.

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