Postfix 2.6.2 imported into NetBSD-current

June 28, 2009 posted by Matthias Scheler

Postfix 2.6.2, the latest stable version of the popular mail transport agent, was imported into NetBSD-current recently. The following features have been added since version 2.5.4:

  • Multi-instance support introduces a new postmulti(1) command to create/add/remove/etc. additional Postfix instances. The familiar "postfix start" etc. commands now automatically start multiple Postfix instances. The good news: nothing changes when you use only one Postfix instance. See MULTI_INSTANCE_README for details.
  • Multi-instance support required that some files be moved from the non-shared $config_directory to the shared $daemon_directory. The affected files are postfix-script, postfix-files and post-install.
  • TLS (SSL) support was updated for elliptic curve encryption. This requires OpenSSL version 0.9.9 or later. The SMTP client no longer uses the SSLv2 protocol by default. See TLS_README for details.
  • The Milter client now supports all Sendmail 8.14 Milter requests, including requests for rejected recipient addresses, and requests to replace the envelope sender address. See MILTER_README for details.
  • Postfix no longer adds (Resent-) From:, Date:, Message-ID: or To: headers to email messages with "remote" origins (these are origins that don't match $local_header_rewrite_clients). Adding such headers breaks DKIM signatures that explicitly cover non-present headers. For compatibility with existing logfile processing software, Postfix will log ``message-id=<>'' for email messages that have no Message-Id header.
  • Stress-adaptive behavior is now enabled by default. This allows the Postfix SMTP server to temporarily reduce time limits and error-count limits under conditions of overload, such as a malware attack or backscatter flood. See STRESS_README for details.




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