Postfix 2.7.1 imported into NetBSD-current

June 17, 2010 posted by Matthias Scheler

Postfix 2.7.1 was imported into NetBSD-current today. The major changes since Postfix 2.6.6 are:
  • Improved before-queue content filter performance. With smtpd_proxy_options = speed_adjust, the Postfix SMTP server receives the entire message before it connects to a before-queue content filter. Typically, this allows Postfix to handle the same mail load with fewer content filter processes.
  • Improved address verification performance. The verify database is now persistent by default, and it is automatically cleaned periodically. Under overload conditions, the Postfix SMTP server no longer waits up to 6 seconds for an address probe to complete.
  • Support for reputation management based on the local SMTP client IP address. This is typically implemented with FILTER transportname: actions in access maps or header/body checks, and mail delivery transports in with unique smtp_bind_address values.


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