Postfix 2.8.1 imported into NetBSD-current

March 02, 2011 posted by Matthias Scheler

Postfix 2.8.1 was imported into NetBSD-current today. The changes since Postfix 2.7.* are:
  • The postscreen daemon (a zombie blocker in front of Postfix) is now included with the stable release. postscreen now supports TLS and can log the rejected sender, recipient and helo information. See the POSTSCREEN_README file for recommended usage scenarios.
  • Support for DNS whitelisting (permit_rhswl_client), and for pattern matching to filter the responses from DNS white/blacklist servers (e.g., reject_rhsbl_client[1..10]).
  • Improved message tracking across SMTP-based content filters; the after-filter SMTP server can log the before-filter queue ID (the XCLIENT protocol was extended).
  • Support for 'footers' that are appended to SMTP server "reject" responses. See "smtpd_reject_footer" in the postconf(5) manpage.



is there any news on integrating native SASL with postfix?

Posted by on March 03, 2011 at 09:15 AM UTC #

The native SASL client has already been integrated with Postfix before the import of Postfix version 2.8.1.

Posted by Matthias Scheler on March 23, 2011 at 08:34 PM UTC #

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