Postfix 2.8.4 imported into NetBSD-current

July 31, 2011 posted by Matthias Scheler

Postfix 2.8.4 was imported into NetBSD-current today. The changes since Postfix 2.8.2 are:
  • Performance: a high load of DSN success notification requests could slow down the queue manager. Solution: make the trace client asynchronous, just like the bounce and defer clients.
  • The local(8) delivery agent ignored table lookup errors in mailbox_command_maps, mailbox_transport_maps, fallback_transport_maps and (while bouncing mail to alias) alias owner lookup.
  • Workaround: rejects lookups with "No IP queries" even if the name has an alphanumerical prefix. We play safe, and skip both RHSBL and RHSWL queries for names ending in a numerical suffix.
  • The "sendmail -t" command reported "protocol error" instead of "file too large", "no space left on device" etc.
  • The Postfix Milter client reported a temporary error instead of "file too large" in three cases.


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