pkg_install update

June 05, 2009 posted by Jörg Sonnenberger

pkg_install-20090528 is now included in all maintained branches of NetBSD, including:

  • netbsd-4 and netbsd-4-0
  • netbsd-5 and netbsd-5-0
  • current

This version will soon be required by pkgsrc and brings a number of changes.

pkg_add no longer depends on ftp and tar to do the hard work. This avoids a number of problems when accessing remote sites, e.g. when using multiple entries in PKG_PATH. pkg_add can now handle packages with really long path names. Mono has been affected by this for a while. On installation with /var/tmp and /usr/pkg on separate file systems, it makes installation much faster by installing directly to the target file system without needing temporary space. On updates, packages with the special "preserve" status will keep it, so that binary updates of pkg_install itself are possible. It is also possible to check for vulnerable packages before installing them. Conflicts are handled implicitly, e.g. if a to-be-installed package contains a file that already exists in the file system, an error is reported.

pkg_delete now checks for remaining dependencies before starting to do delete. Unless -f is given, it will fail as early as possible. pkg_delete -A will remove automatically installed packages that are not being used. pkg_delete -R is now much faster, especially when removing large meta packages. @dirrm is now obsolete and empty directories are pruned automatically.

pkg_admin has grown a number of new subcommands. The audit-packages and download-vulnerability-list commands have been merged. Scripts to handle the common use cases are provided under the old names. Other functions are related to verifying and creating signed packages. Signed packages are now fully supported for both local and remote operation. The trust can be established either via special SSL certificates (X509) or via GPG.

The audit-packages.conf configuration file has been replaced by pkg_install.conf. The latter is shared by all parts of pkg_install. Local changes in audit-packages.conf need to be transferred manually to pkg_install.conf.

The pkg_view frontends have been retired.



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